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WPA delivers premier digital tools for workplace professionals

The workplace is the canvas for the organization. This is where culture, work, the place and its services come together and help organizations perform better.  Often the journey to improve the workplace experience starts with a certain question. Read how we support the different professionals in the workplace with tools, models and razorsharp outcomes to improve work:  

WPA for real estate

“WPA makes it easier for us to determine what Real Estate will best fit the needs of our customer. Being able to create scenarios where multiple options are visualized makes decision making faster and better.”

WPA for facility management

“By better understanding how people work, what they value and how growth and other factors influence our work environment I can proactively service my internal customers.”

WPA for human resources

Manage employee and workplace experience outcomes in one dashboard. Finally a platform that speaks the same language for people and workplace professionals.

WPA for architecture and design

Architecture is all about creating healthy and effective work environments for our clients. WPA shows important needs of the organization when it comes to working better. It accelerates our design process and improves the accuracy of the designs.

WPA for workplace consultancy

“The future is digital. By using WPA, gathering the data relevant for our evidence-based decision-making process has dramatically improved, in time and fuss. It allows us to be more focussed on the most valuable customer interactions. “

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