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The WPA platform basics


Traditional engagement surveys are all about opinions. WPA allows you to better understand the roadblocks to success and allows you to take real action.


Change and uncertainty are a hot topic. You might have a pretty good idea of where you are today, but where are you tomorrow? Using the WPA scenario planning tool you can remove the fear of change by knowing your future. Create tomorrow’s solutions today.


Focus groups are important but too often they are used incorrectly. They are typically comprised of high ranking leaders and non-representative groups. They are not a good sample of the population they are trying to serve. By showing leaders their entire human capital at work, they make better-informed decisions much faster.

Needs not wants

People want a lot of things, but these are not necessarily the things that people need to get their work done effectively. WPA is all about understanding what people really need. WPA removes roadblocks. Are you asking your people what they want or are you aligning resources to have the greatest impact.

Enhanced output metrics

How do you define success? Are your metrics tied to the business? Rather than focus on static and linear engagement scores, look to see how your actions and plans affect the organization behaviors, its culture and the networks among teams. Elevate your projects with the right measures of success.


Different departments conduct different analysis with different tools. This creates silos. Where do you and the leadership team start? Without a true synergetic tool, you will waste resources. Our synergetic solution measures all parts of the employee experience, from Technology to Workspace to Culture. This added context will allow you to spend your resources where they matter most.

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