Workplace scenario modeling

Model how things like growth, agile or ABW influence your workplace requirements.

Planning space can be challenging for organizations. But not anymore. It is a matter of inputting all the right numbers, making the right projections and seeing how it affects space. Job done. with WPA.

Fail early. Save costs, and make work better.


Workplace concepts and space plans based on the inputs of hundreds or thousands of needs are more future proof than the hunch or historical data of a few. We make sure the needs are based on true behaviors.

Seeing is believing

When creating future workspaces it can be hard to imagine and see the impact of different effects. With our scenario configurations, you can see how the mobility of your workforce or part-time contracts influence space needs. 

Share and compare

Create different scenarios for your clients that you can easily share digitally and compare side by side. Make the conversation data-driven to make faster decisions. 

Make no mistake

Creating future workplace scenarios with different calculations for different roles or departments can involve complex Excel sheets. Excel sheets can be error-prone. Making scenarios with WPA means embedded calculations that always add up! 

Safe and sound, in the cloud.

Using WPA and the Workplace Scenario Modeler means consistent performance. Our online dashboards protect your data in the cloud, deliver the right calculations and visualisations every time again. Make it your innovative workplace consulting toolkit.  

Organizations who put their trust in WPA

See the platform in action.

Plan for the future. Start tomorrow. 

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