WPA for workplace consultancy

Workplace consultancy of today requires delivering visual insights, fast.

“The future is digital. By using WPA, gathering the data relevant for our evidence-based decision-making process has dramatically improved, in time and fuss. It allows us to be more focussed on the most valuable customer interactions. “

WPA: The Swiss knife of workplace consulting..

Workplace consultancy is a broad domain. It ranges from imagining new ways of working all the way to to help drive change. With the increasing complexity of changing work- and mobility patterns plus the digital transformation, it becomes harder to predict the current and future needs of organizations. Better and faster data yields better analysis, which helps significantly to consult your customers.

Why work with WPA?

  • Save weeks per year by automating data gathering and smart analyses.
  • Focus on customer interactions instead of creating one-off surveys, complicated excel sheets, and crafting meaningful visualizations.
  • Combine your specific approach with the knowledge of thousands of analyzed organizations and use the smart algorithms plus the AI WPA provides for better outcomes.

As easy as 1,2,3.

Start tomorrow

WPA is delivering dashboards in weeks, not months. Learn how the workforce gets work done and create scenarios fast for management.

Safe and sound

Our listening strategy is based on one of the best digital interviews in the industry. Combine different modules to create the outcomes you need to make the right decision.

Team of teams

WPA is the only platform in the industry that speaks to both HR and Facility. We translate work behaviors, culture and engagement into needs of the workforce with regard to high performing workplaces. 

Go faster, easier.

Find the outcomes you need within minutes of logging-in. Our extreme focus on user experience has created visual dashboards combined with easy slicing & dicing to find the answers you’re looking for. 

Organizations who put their trust in WPA

See the platform in action.

Plan for the future. Start tomorrow. 

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