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Useful and enjoyable workplace concepts provide different types of workstations that match someone’s task at hand. The reality of today’s work is that we all have multiple roles. People are moving between activities that require concentration, to small team interaction, to creative group sessions. A high performing workplace should offer the types of workstations that fit the needs of its users. WPA makes solving this puzzle easy. It does this by using best practices from Evidence-Based Design, User-Centered Design, successful corporate feedback tactics, and easy to use data analytics.

Go from guessing to predicting.

No ABW is the same

Although the world of workplace concepts seem simple, there is a world of confusion about what is what. Using the tried and tested WPA approach, configured to your requirements, you can structure the conversation and get to results faster. It does so by using your own or your clients’ workplace building blocks and behaviors.


Using WPA, you make decisions based on the best available information from researching the involved stakeholders in a traceable, scalable, quick, and easy way. The algorithms that translate individual behaviors to workplace ratios are peer-reviewed, tried, and tested, configurable, and are an excellent jump start in any workplace transformation process.


By using real and traceable information about work patterns, disconnected from the workplace where they occur, WPA predicts what groups of people need to be effective. Taking the guesswork, based on biased personal opinions and public hubris, out of the equation. In a configurable, repeatable, and easy way.


Because of the visual nature of the WPA dashboards, the outcomes of the Workplace calculator are easy to explain. The information conveyed by the WPA guides the crucial storytelling needed for successful workplace transformation. More people involved and understanding gives better co-creation of solutions that work in practice and not just on paper.

Forged by millions of data points

Our dashboards have processed millions of answers into visual and clear outcomes to support teams who improve ways of working and design the matching workplaces. Our customers consist of fortune 500 companies, legislative and executive branches of governments, universities, and research centers. We know work behaviors like no other.

Expect these outcomes

  • Precise ratio’s of workplace types that match current and future behavior patterns;
  • Stakeholder understanding of the connection between workforce dynamics and the workplaces that support them;
  • Increased speed with out of the box and configurable workplace definitions and corresponding behaviors.

Get nitty-gritty with persona’s, settings, configurable behaviors, and types.

Capable workplace consultants move along with the level of complexity that their customer demands. Start with reasonable defaults and progress with confidence to solve the complex puzzle of matching behavior to workplaces typologies, per group, floor, building. Gradually expose and use the possibilities to tweak mobility, occupancy, concurrency, and different workplace libraries. The WPA platform grows with you and your customers.

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