Is fear itself.

A powerful line of a powerful man, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Spoken in 1933 at his first inauguration speech. Roosevelt was referring to the economic climate and uncertainties that were still ahead. But also blaming bankers and business men for not taking responsibility for their actions.

These words came to mind when I saw today a post about the ‘text-neck’. The phenomena of the text-neck is that of people putting extreme strain on their necks because of continuously looking down at their phones. The strain equals weight and by bending your head forward you increase the pressure on your spine. So not too good. Something that also finds new following on Linkedin and the internet is the ‘sitting is the new smoking’ quote, aiming at the fact that we are all sitting too long in the office. There is research on how bad this is for you. Moving not enough makes your joints achy and stiff. Ok, noted.

I do really appreciate all this information, keeping me, us, out of trouble. But I strongly have the feeling it is all based on the same principles as where Franklin was fighting against. Where he was looking for positivity and belief to rebuild a nation, I am looking for the Bjarke Ingels in people instead of the criticasters. Not thinking in limitations and fears but in combining new ideas and bringing them alive. Let’s not post about text-neck and tips to avoid them but lets talk about why we look at a screen all day and motivate each other to talk to people instead? People are often running all in the same direction when you propose a great fear, we feel we all need to avoid. It is how insurance companies and banks work. It is how governments work, starting wars based on fear and uncertainty. Uncertainty is one of the biggest and baddest marketing tools.

But I am drifting away from where I was going. Let us trade fear in for wonder.Wonder about the extreme cool things that will happen to us in the near future when it comes to work. Imagine for example that:

  • We can text all day in the car without getting into a deadly accident as it is driving for us, by itself .. wow, forget the little neck issue.
  • All administrative tasks are finally done by our robot fellows, leaving us only to use our magical minds to do the unexpected robots are not (yet) programmed for.
  • Having not to work at all anymore as robots take over ‘work’ as we knew it. How great it would be to ‘learn’ how to all do something else than work? And please do not pick ‘war’ but something more peaceful.
  • The circular economy actually works and you get that office with basketball court and Italian design sofa to ‘think’ like plato and use it at no real cost for mother nature, you are just looking after the resources for a bit.

I would like to put all these researches and benchmarks in perspective. They seem so harmless but too often they are picked up by individuals and used as a bow and arrow, hunting the uncertain ones. Let’s not get fooled by fear, it is often a liar trying to take the attention of the wonder in life, or more particular in the area of work and the ‘work’place. So please share your wonders instead of fears!

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