Behavioral Space Programming


Create effective work environments based on people needs, not wants.

Learn why industry-leading workplace strategists and architects use WPA.


Your employees are sitting in the office all day. But what are they actually doing and what do they need in order to work effectively? Instead of focussing on Tayloristic metrics such as utilization, find out how best to support your greatest asset in what they should be doing.  Measure their critical work behaviors. 


Are you designing the workplace based on opinions or evidence? Leadership is focused on the vision and the way forward. WPA provides the leadership with reliable and crowdsourced data. We gather and visualize how employees are currently working and deliver the insight into how be more effective.


It is impossible to predict how and where your people will work tomorrow, but don’t fall back on vague benchmarks and assumptions about future growth. Instead, understand where that growth comes from and what it needs to accelerate. Don’t build something that is outdated the day it is delivered. Build teams and workplaces based on the understanding what work is needed.

Needs not wants

Are you accommodating what people want or what people need? Sure, having the latest craze in your offices is fun and inspiring and looks good in the pictures. Understand the needs based on the people behaviors and focus on the deeper insights that will lead to workplaces that actually work. 

Flexible workplace typologies

Are you just getting started thinking about the building blocks of your workplace? We’ve got you covered with great, out of the box defaults. Do you have real estate portfolios to support? No problem. Use the WPA platform to model the types of workplaces you need and design a customized space that fits you perfectly.

See the platform in action.

WPA is the leader in user experience and business readiness. See in minutes how your organization can benefit. Understand the needs of your organization based on evidence-based data from your most valuable asset, your people. Talk to us!

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