Here you can find Work & People Analytics resources like PDF documentation about our platform, video’s and other materials that can help you improve your organizations effectiveness. 

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Our whitepaper on employee engagement.

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How business looks at employee effectiveness.


Mobility: Reduce Your Budget and Evolve work at the Same Time

WPA Webinar Series — In this webinar we will discuss how knowing where work gets done is the most important behavior for a business to know. Knowing this will focus your resources and people and remove massive amounts of waste.

Activities: Do you really need more people?

WPA Webinar Series. August 17, 2017.

Culture: Guarantee alignment to your purpose and vision

WPA Webinar Series — 21 September

Work Dynamic: You can and should do more with less

WPA Webinar Series —See how to measure a team at work. Understand four primary work dynamic profiles. Tie money to how your teams are working. Learn how to easily identify waste. Learn how to transfer energy to increasingly productive work. See how you can do more with less!

Value Networks: Do you know how to identify your mission critical teams?

WPA Webinar Series — November 16
A webinar related to understanding and define value networks in your organization.
* Know which of your teams interact most often.
* See where the most important work gets done in your organization.
* Easily identify wasted activities that can be removed to save millions of $.
* See where your money, management support and other resources will create an exponential ROI.

See the platform in action

WPA is leading in user experience and business readiness. See in 20 minutes how your organization can greatly benefit from understanding the needs of the organization based on evidence-based data from your most valuable asset, your people. Talk to us! 

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