WPA for real estate

Get better briefs, Faster test fits, Higher occupier workplace experience.

WPA makes it easier for us to determine what Real Estate will best fit the needs of our customer. Being able to create scenarios where multiple options are visualized makes decision making faster and better.

Real estate. The canvas for business.

Smart Real Estate plays a crucial role in the performance of an organization. Even more today. The war on talent, changing mobility patterns and need for healthy buildings are setting new requirements for future choices. What real estate strategy serves your client best? And what are the requirements in terms of space, location, workplace experience? Find out in weeks and keep monitoring the workplace experience to adjust portfolio to changing needs. 

Expect these outcomes

  • Understand future space requirements by making scenarios based on workforce needs.
  • Align real estate portfolio with business goals by learning what matters most for your client to perform.
  • Understand what workplace experience drives your customer’s decisions for locations and buildings.

Your knowledge, our platform

Invest in what matters.

You have the knowledge of the market, the customers and trends. We have the platform with the visual needs of your customers. We analyzed the needs of hundreds of thousands of employees all over the world and put these in smart outcomes. Empower your results with our smart data.   

Strengthen relationships

Real Estate consulting is aligning more and more with business strategy. Clients do not demand a building but a workplace experience that strengthens their results. Our deep insights make your advice more business-driven than ever before.

Go beyond proptech

Proptech is booming. There are numerous applications that help you manage real estate better. But smart buildings are only effective when they are used in smart way by understanding organizational needs. So start with the WHY. 

Organizations who put their trust in WPA

See the platform in action.

Plan for the future. Start tomorrow. 

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