WPA is the premier
employee effectiveness platform.

Understanding how people will perform at their best is a complex puzzle. The WPA platform shows true employee engagement by analyzing how people work.

Here is what sets the WPA platform apart

Privacy By Design

WPA has had privacy by design before it became fashionable. It is powered by the industry-leading Microsft Azure cloud computing platform. We treat our client’s information as if it is our own. 


WPA is an Employee Effectiveness platform for leaders. It provides an off the shelf, easy to customize digital interview with an accompanying interactive visual dashboard. It scales because it is configurable and provides an API. The WPA platform grows with your needs.

Automated Outcomes

Decades of knowledge about “work” is readily accessible to you, to improve and speed up your decision making and transformation.


Engaging Digital Interviews

Our conversational tone creates the experience of a digital interview. Like a normal conversation, our interviews provide a unique path through the elements that really matter. This creates psychological safety and much higher response rates.

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