Occupancy & utilization study

Besides knowing where they are, we also know why.

On average, desks are used only 45% of the time. Work environments are increasingly more tailored to accommodate different ways of working, leaving some places underused. Optimizing the usage of Office space can be a significant costsaver. But why are people not using spaces and what if you change the work environment, how does it impact productivity? 

Measure utilization the smart way.

Measure the cause.

People have behaviors. These behaviors impact utilization and occupancy of space. Their mobility and needs for certain workspaces dictate how they use the work environment. WPA measures these behaviors and turns it into occupancy data you can plan with. 

Location independent

By measuring work behaviors and knowing the attributes of the workforce we have a good understanding who uses what. When you change locations or split teams, you still want to predict future usage. With WPA you can.


What if a thousand employees become twelve hundred? But the two hundred are not a reflection of the whole organization but a specific group or persona? Are you able to predict their impact on the workplace? We do. By knowing their mobility patterns, days in-office and other characteristics we can measure utilization better. 

Hear and be heard

Our listening strategy with gathering the inputs of all employees provides great and fast insights. But what if you can add a second source of data? With WPA you can. We can analyze work behaviors and load your occupancy data in one place. This way you enrich your decision making with even more accurate data.

Scale fast at low cost

Sometimes you need your data fast to get a first glimpse of the options. With our occupancy & utilization analysis, we do 10 locations at the fraction of the cost and time of others. Measuring fast and acting accordingly can equal greater productivity. 

Expect these outcomes

  • Utilization of space in capacity over days in the week
  • Learn how behaviors drive utilization needs for different meeting room sizes
  • Understand how better ways of working can economize valuable space at the right floor or locations.

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