Measuring workplace experience

Measure needs not wants when it comes to creating effective work environments.

“This is the first time we see a tool measure both the soft and hard factors when it comes to the workplace experience. Understanding how culture influences our work environment success metrics did the job’

We measure what matters.

Activity patterns

Without understanding the complexity and collaboration of important activities, one knows only have the story. Our Work DNA model shows how the work is done.


The true value of business comes  from forging relations  across departments and teams. Breaking the bond between  important teams is breaking the value chain. A great workplace  experience starts with great interactions.  


Mobility patterns show a lot about how the work is done. Where do people go, work and when? And how does it effect availability and choice? But also can make cost redundant?


Everybody knows culture is the real experience accelerator. Few dare to reveal it. Culture is  the canvas under a great  workplace experience. Without knowing it, one  can’t paint  a great future experience. 

Forged by millions of answers

Our dashboards have processed millions of answers into visual and directive outcomes to lead teams to better ways of working. Our customers consist of fortune 500 companies, ministries, research centers and house of commons. We know work behaviors as no other. 

Expect these outcomes

  • Cultural condition of the workforce and where to focus
  • Learn how to increase the effectiveness in the work environment
  • See how value flows through the organization (and where not).

Measure the full workplace experience

The workplace experience is the sum of all factors influencing an effective and purpose-driven organization.

Decisions are influenced by every new piece of information. That is why we pieced it together:

  • Support activities that matter most
  • Enable to forge the most valuable networks
  • Provide amenities people really value
  • Stimulate the culture for growth 

Organizations who put their trust in WPA

See the platform in action.

Plan for the future. Start tomorrow. 

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