Measure culture 

Measure what drives employee engagement (or not).

We all know culture is important to an organization? It can help realize exponential growth or bring it down. So what culture makes your organization perform better? And how does a work environment support that?

Why measuring culture matters.

The breakfast thing.

You probably heard ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Well, it does the same with the workplace. If you design a workplace experience without knowing the culture you miss out on an important ingredient.

Make it work.

We understand culture is complex and requires a certain amount of diplomacy. Our culture analysis is psychologically safe, easy to read and actionable. Make culture work for you. 

Connect the dots.

A lot of organizations measure satisfaction in the workplace. But attitudes change several times on a day. Culture is a more stable indicator of how engaged people are.  We will tell you both.

Make space.

In one of our research projects, it was proven that some cultures thrive in certain spaces. Only if you know the culture you can align the space to accommodate it.

Make culture a KPI.

By analyzing culture and share the results with your client or the organization, you make culture tangible. Understand how culture is now and where it needs to be to make the organization more effective. 

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