WPA for human resources

Manage employee and workplace experience outcomes in one dashboard.

Finally a platform that speaks the same language for people and workplace professionals.

Forged by millions of answers

Our interactive dashboards put the power of data science and people analytics in your hands. Visualize how work is done and who it is done with. See your culture and the elements that matter most to your workforce. Balance needs and wants so you can align your resources with where it matters most. Our proven approach has helped guide countless organizations on their journey to future success, come see what all the buzz is about!

Expect these outcomes

  • A behavioral analysis showing how your workforce completes their work and how it ties to goals.
  • An employee value proposition that helps you focus on what matters most to your employees.
  • A network analysis that visualizes the collaboration patterns within your organization.
  • Your company’s culture, now and in the future.

As easy as 1,2,3.

Start tomorrow

WPA is delivering dashboards in weeks, not months. Learn how the workforce gets work done and create scenarios fast for management.

Safe and sound

Our listening strategy is based on one of the best digital interviews in the industry. Combine different modules to create the outcomes you need to make the right decision.

Team of teams

WPA is the only platform in the industry that speaks to both HR and Facility. We translate work behaviors, culture and engagement into needs of the workforce with regard to high performing workplaces. 

Go faster, easier.

Find the outcomes you need within minutes of logging-in. Our extreme focus on user experience has created visual dashboards combined with easy slicing & dicing to find the answers you’re looking for. 

Organizations who put their trust in WPA

See the platform in action.

Plan for the future. Start tomorrow. 

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