Health & Well-being monitor 

Understand what a health & well-being is by the definition of your workforce.

“Health is the new holy grail. Plants, clean air, movement and healthy food. These are some of the many ingredients of creating a healthy work environment. We can show you what matters most. but without purpose and culture you might miss the key to unlock the real healthy potential of organizations. 

Healthy workers can’t be unhappy.

Behavioral health

Health has many fathers. One of them is being to work effectively. Forcing people into open-plan offices because of poor analysis of the needs of the organization causes direct health issues. Prevent this from happening with measuring the needs of the workforce.


A big part of staying healthy means finding the right life/work balance. The right culture is a big part of that. Clean air is great, having a healthy work culture even more. Analyze with our Cultural analysis if people feel empowered and free to decide on the right work/life balance. 

Continuous improvement

A healthy work environment means doing it right. Great acoustics, light, clean air, healthy food and much more. But what are the effects on the people? Both in satisfaction but also effectiveness. With WPA we design and implement your Well-being system to measure pre- and post investments to see what really worked.

Benchmark. But on the things that matter most to your organization.

WPA has a vast amount of tested questions about different elements of healthy work environments. You can go with a standard like WELL or design and implement a healthy work environment monitor that fits your goals better. We provide you with the flexible platform to do just that. 

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