WPA for facility management

Don’t react, proact. Become a predictive business partner for your organization.

“By better understanding how people work, what they value and how growth and other factors influence our work environment I can proactively service my internal customers.’

Measuring employee engagement in the facility way.

In facilities, everything comes together. From making sure there is a healthy and functional office environment to thinking about how future mobility impacts work. There are a lot of touchpoints with the workforce that are influenced or managed by FM. To be able to understand what the needs and behaviors are and how to proactively support them you need insight. The WPA platform listens to and analyzes these needs. 

Expect these outcomes

  • Workplace need outcomes that drive better effectiveness
  • Trade-offs in the work environment, where should you spend money to make the workplace experience better
  • What is the impact of different workplace concepts like ABW, Agile on our total Workplace Portfolio.

Become the architect of workplace experiences 

Know before they know

With WPA you see not only how the basic workplace needs are performing. See visualizations about how teams collaborate, culture thrives and mobility patterns change and bring these results to the board room. 

Close the loop

With facility management you have the ability to close the loop. Measure year after year the performance of the workplace and its services. By seeing how workplace changes effect the performance, you can continue to learn and improve the quality loop.

Team of teams

WPA is the only platform in the industry that speaks to both HR and Facility. We translate work behaviors, culture and engagement into needs of the workforce with regard to high performing workplaces. 

Organizations who put their trust in WPA

See the platform in action.

Plan for the future. Start tomorrow. 

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