Crack the formula: A x R x C2 

You made it to the right page! We will share you how to crack the code to greater employee effectiveness and ultimately happy workforces.  To do so we need to tell you a bit about purpose and work and what truly matters.

What makes work better?

Think about your own work for a minute. What are the things that make you truly happy about your work? Is it the complimentary Latte? The nicely designed work environment or pay raise you had lately? All these things are nice perks and add to the experience but feel less important when some major building blocks of your work are not in order: 

What makes you come to work every week? You do things you love to do. Stuff that you are good at. You work on things that interests you and gives you purpose. You are doing work that matters to the organization.

You work with people that help you achieve your goals. The interactions with teammates help you to constantly grow individually and as a team. Your relationships and teams feel like family, everyone is there for each other.

You are proud of the organization you work for. Your success and the company’s success are aligned. You identify with the mission of the organization and understand how your work impacts it. You are in a safe space where you are able to achieve your personal and professional goals. Your company is invested in your success.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and your company’s culture makes you feel home. You are part of the future and will help shape it. The employee experience feeds the culture of the organization and creates a positive environment.

These are the basic ingredients making employees, teams and organizations truly effective.  But the hard part is to measure the performance of these individual building blocks. Are people focusing the activities that are valuable? And can they work adequately together with the people they require? How about their support? Do they have the tools and environments that support their goals? And ultimately, is the culture energizing the organization or slowing it down by negative habits? These elements are in the formula for an efffective organization. Learn about the four values that together determine the power of effectiveness. 


By measuring what people do you can understand what matters most to them. Work is more complex and individual than most people imagine.



The relations in an organization show which networks are present and how value is created and flows through the organization. Connecting or disconnecting them impact the bottomline results. 



The context is the circumstances in which the work happens. Are teams well supported? Do they have the tools and environment to perform the activities and collaborations at their best? 



Culture makes the difference. There is no right or wrong culture. But there is a cultural fit or not. Depending on what you want to achieve you need to have a culture in the organization that supports it. 


So to truly crack the code, you need to understand the attitudes and behaviors of your people to get the full context on how the improve the effectiveness of their work. Let us show you in an inspiring demo how you can the visual data scientist making work better.

Stephen Smith

Head of People Strategy, Work & People Analytics

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