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WPA at Zukunft Personal 2018

We had a great time on Europe's mainland largest HR Solution fair in Cologne. We were able to attract a lot of people on our stand with our live Quiz about culture and the effectiveness of the workplace. We look forward to see you on more HR fairs in the US and Europe...

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Why WPA loves GDPR compliance.

You must have been doing business outside of Europe if you haven’t noticed that European privacy laws are about to change. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is almost in effect. At the end of May, all organizations that handle personal data of European...

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The tenth man of work innovation

Last week there was a re-run of the movie World War Z. Too ridiculous to watch but when I was browsing through the channels I saw the scene about an Israeli secret agent talking about the 'tenth man'. He was not referring to the novel of Graham Greene but their...

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WPA at HR TECH Paris

WPA is an addition to the current HR technology scene. Where HR originally is focused on administering and managing individuals with HR and Talent software solutions, WPA shows organizational dynamics of companies and public organizations. This helps our customers to...

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The only thing we have to fear..

Is fear itself. A powerful line of a powerful man, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Spoken in 1933 at his first inauguration speech. Roosevelt was referring to the economic climate and uncertainties that were still ahead. But also blaming bankers and business men for not taking...

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