Behavioral Space Programming

The Future of Design Thinking.

We observed that most of our clients work with complicated and error-prone spreadsheets or more complicated engineering software for managing building projects. Now there is a better way, WPA’s Behavioral Space Programming (BSP).

Save Time

WPA delivers complete space programs for multiple scenarios in a matter of minutes. They are based on your standards and can change to meet your future needs.

Digitize Your Knowledge

Store your workplace logic into templates for different types of buildings or work groups. Now your teams can always access the latest version. It is secure and easy to share.

Optimize Your Real Estate

Right-sizing space now becomes easy. Build scenarios and test-fits to visualize impacts of change on your real estate plans.

Three steps to solve space programming challenges.


With WPA, you have all the work behavior information. Now, our BSP module will instantly match those unique employee personas with the right workplaces. This means you are giving everyone the right tools to be successful.


BSP allows you to build knowledge and templates based on your needs. It is easy to plan at a local, or portfolio view to save time and make instant, well-informed decisions.


Have the peace of mind knowing that you have the right information, at the right time, on a fully visual platform. Start with a default or use your own templates and evolve each program as requirements change.

With shareable space books, build and test like never before.

At the start of any project, create a new program based on an earlier WPA project. For example, program a new law firm based on existing law populations.

Now, simply adjust the population size and behavioral settings, and you have an accurate estimation of your required space.

Then you can update it as you work with your client to capture more specific requirements and their workplace concepts.

It is easy to create variations and scenarios to support alternative solutions.

Your Outcomes

  • Save time by embedding knowledge in reusable templates
  • Easy to overview, understand and present with clear visuals
  • Flexible to forecast workplace commitments as work and people change
  • Clear top-down overview and easy drill down to details instantly
  • Export data in any format (PDF, Excel, BIM)

Go farther, faster, easier.

Integrate any of your BSP generated programs to your design workflow using dRofus or BIM. Connect to your parametric design for instant test-fits and complete adjacency plans.

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