Behavioral space programming

The future of automated space programming

We observed that most of our clients work with either complicated and error-prone spreadsheets or even more complicated engineering software for managing building projects. Now there is a better way, WPA’s Behavioral Space Programming.

Save time

WPA delivers complete space programs for multiple scenarios in a matter of minutes. They are based on your standards and any changes in work that are expected.

Digitalize your knowledge

Store your workplace logic into templates for different types of buildings or work groups. Now your teams can always access to the latest version. It is secure and easy to share.

Optimize your real estate

Disposing real estate assets and knowing how much room you need has becomes easy. Select future populations and build test-fits, to increase your options and be resilient to change.

The “triple jump” that solves space programming challenges.


The triple jump starts with significant behaviors. The behavioral space programming module of WPA expands on the workplace calculator.
Transform the behavior-based workplaces, desired support functions, and specials into space types quickly by using easy parametric rule-sets and tunable algorithms.


The intermediate step of the triple jump consists of a nimble system of re-usable, customizable, easy to use generators. These smart building blocks of your space program save you time and take the pain out of space programming.


Because Behavioral Space Programming is entirely dynamic, you instantly see the effects of rippling changes. Examples of such changes are workforce deltas, tweaks to the agility and mobility settings, or slight space adjustments. You always have a clear visual overview. This easy to use application enables you to clear unprecedented space programming distances with a powerful triple jump.

Templates included

Out of the box, Behavioral Space Programming comes with complete libraries and templates that allow you to be productive in minutes, not hours. A comprehensive space program, including all needed workstations, service, and support area’s in minutes. Using WPA’s presets for different project scales in Traditional, ABW, or an Agile variant. Start with the defaults or your own preset and naturally evolve with the progressing level of understanding of the project requirements.

Up to date, shareable space books throughout the lifecycle of projects save enormous amounts of time and hassle.

At the outset of a new project, you might create a space program based on an earlier population in your list of projects. Just adjust the population size and the behavioral algorithm settings, and you are off with a proper and accurate estimation of the required space. Update it with the actual behaviors of the workforce at hand and work with your client to capture requirements, specials, and their workplace concept specifics. Compare the generated amount of spaces according to the modeled guidelines and the desired amount of workstations during the design validation phase. Create variations, versions, and scenarios to support diverging solution paths.

Expect these outcomes

  • Save time by embedding knowledge in reusable templates
  • Easy to overview, understand and present with clear visual
  • Clear top-down overview and easy drill down to details for bottom-up understanding
  • Export information in easy to use formats (PDF, Excel, BIM)

Go further easier.

Integrate the outcomes of the space program in your engineering workflow using dRofus or BIM. Connect the results to your Parametric Design workflow for instant test-fits or use them to source your adversarial neural networks for AI design using our API.

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