Adjacencies analysis

Help build better networks in your organization by making space for it.

All great things are achieved in teams. Collaboration and teamwork is for a large part what evolved us. In organizations this is no different. Connecting the right people on the right moment is accelerating results. Learn how information flows through your organization and connect the dots in (future) work environments. 

We make the team dream work. 


Organizations are all about organizing. The right collaboration and flow of information make them perform.  Understanding how hundreds of employees are reliant on others to get their job done is important decision-data WPA provides. 

Stack smarter.

Not all collaborations are created equal. The problem with space is that it has limits. Floors, surfaces, proximities, it all matters.  So putting the right people in the right place can be a complex puzzle. Or not. Make it simpler with our adjacency analysis.

Prioritize networks

The main goal of collaborations is understanding who needs who most. What priority networks need great access to each other. This is not always a department-to-department thing. With WPA, we also show how roles or management layers need important interactions to make work better.

The change agent.

Talking about adjacencies and working with test fits can be challenging. A lot of opinions matter when decisions are made. With our adjacency visualizations, decision-making gets a lot easier. Showing what networks rely on each turns discussions into design decisions.

Go faster, easier.

Find the outcomes you need within minutes of logging-in. Our extreme focus on user experience has created visual dashboards combined with easy slicing & dicing to find the answers you’re looking for. 

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