About Us

About WPA

WPA creates synergies at work. We do this by taking behavioral information from organizations and translating it into digital outcomes that help improve work. We see ourselves as guides to organizations by showing how work is performed by teams and organizations. The WPA platform enables our clients to better understand which actions to take to make the organization work more effectively.  

Our Leadership Team

We apply the business principles of WPA to our own organization. We have a leadership team with diverse backgrounds. This ensures the best possible service for our clients. We merge over 60 years of knowledge and experience in making organizations more empowered and effective. 

Ilya Devers

CTO – Ilya is responsible for the performance and innovation of the WPA platform. Ilya is always on the look out to integrate new knowledge, technologies and best practices into the platform. He has been an advocate of User Centered Design and Design thinking for over 15 years.

Kevin Schlueter

Head of Strategic Relations – Kevin is responsible of all our strategic relations and the business development of WPA in North America. His affinity and background in finance, real estate and corporate management makes him an excellent guide for growing the business value of our customers. 

Stephen Smith

Head of People Strategy – Stephen is all about people. Being the Organizational Psychologist on the team, he is responsible for creating the best possible solutions by analyzing and interpreting work behaviors. Stephen helps our customers understand how to drive change that leads to more effective organizations. 

Eelco Voogd

CEO – Eelco is responsible for making both our customers and the team happy. By staying on top of the market, the team, networks and innovations, he creates the right opportunities to grow our business. His background in marketing, branding and service design makes him an ‘experience driven’ CEO. His ultimate responsibility is that WPA practices what they preach: An effective, purposeful organization delivering value. 

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