WPA is the premier
employee effectiveness platform

WPA enabled us to cut space programming costs tremendously. Working with the WPA platform made our requirement gathering twice as fast and half the costs
La Poste, France

WPA is the premier
employee effectiveness platform

When I saw how we work plotted out in terms of collaboration and complexity, I instantly realized why we need to evolve our training, technologies and work environment.

WPA is the premier
employee effectiveness platform

WPA’s data revealed 26,000 hours per year of “Administrative” work activities that had little or no value to creating revenue.
TomTom, the Netherlands

Organizations who put their trust in WPA.

Making work better starts with enabling your most valuable asset: People

Create effective work environments based on people needs, not wants.

WPA creates synergies across work.

WPA is visual, painting a picture, making it fast, understandable and actionable. It breaks down silos and creates clarity among leaders and the entire organization.

Behavioral-Based Analysis

Actions speak louder than words. By measuring both attitudes and workplace behaviors, discover opportunities to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Crowd Sourced

Don’t act on biased samples of employee feedback. Instead, capture data from our digital interviews and use both qualitative and quantitative measures to create real insight. 

Needs, Not Wants

Filter out the noise and focus on what matters most. By creating trade-offs and establishing priorities, avoid costly initiatives based on noise, and dedicate resources where they will make the most impact. 

Predictive Scenario Planning

Build for the future. By weighting different workforce demographics (generations, skills, behaviors), build tomorrow’s solutions today to optimize resource utilization and employee effectiveness. 

Enhanced ROI Metrics

Real estate success has largely been measured by utilization and/or satisfaction. Create larger levers of success by demonstrating space and policy’s influence on organizational behaviors, information flow, cultural alignment, and others.

Breaking Down Silos

WPA provides valuable insights about work behaviors across different departments, creating clarity among HR, Facilities, CRE and IT.

See the platform in action.

WPA is the leader in user experience and business readiness. See in minutes how your organization can benefit. Understand the needs of your organization based on evidence-based data from your most valuable asset, your people. Talk to us!

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