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Our platform works as a toolbox for workplace professionals. Sometimes you just need to analyze how to improve the well-being of a team of  employees, in other cases you are starting the requirements phase for a whole new 5000 person campus..

Measuring the Workplace Experience

Creating a high performing organization in which people are happy means focusing on their needs. Our human-centered design platform is a prerequisite for that.

Behavior-based workplace calculator

Agile? Activity-based working? This is no fixed formula but a one that has to be analyzed and calculated per team or organization. We help you crack your success formula. 

Health & Well-being monitor

Health is an increasing important topic within HR  and Facilities. But how and what to measure. Use WELL or add your own standard? We provide the tools & outcomes you need to improve well-being.

Occupancy & Utilization analysis

Saving space is not a business goal. But we have improved workplace experiences and still help save 30-40% on Real Estate portfolios for our clients. Learn how. 

Measuring Organizational Culture

Let’s be honest. The real ‘turbo boost’ in your organization lies in a great culture. So how is the culture and how could you create a workplace that supports the right culture? Learn how. 

Workplace Scenario Modeler

Merging teams, extreme growth, three  locations to choose from in the city center. Questions that prefer evidence-based answers that avoid unnecessary fail costs. Our workplace scenario modeler shows you the impact of your options visually so you can make the right decision. 

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